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“…unarguably the best melodic rock / AOR album this year. With Tracy White, Lars Säfsund, Michael Riesenbeck, Mike Walsh and the ubiquitous Tommy Denander, it wipes the floor with all pretenders…Buy it now.” (9/10) - Brian McGowan, RevelationZ Magazine

“…everything a fan of Kansas, Shooting Star and Survivor could’ve wanted on one album.” (9.5/10) - George Thatcher, Glory Daze

“All together bring the highlight years back again with an album that would have been a classic in the old days. There are still many AOR fans out there who are reliving these days with all those treasured albums they have collected. Well people, there is a brand new record you can get your hands on that will make you travel back in time and give you a great Survivor, Shooting Star and Kansas vibe.” (95/100) - Eddy Meuwese, Lords of Metal

“What Lec Zorn has done is write ten songs (plus one cover) that any fan of bands like Fortune, Beau Coup, Dakota or just fans of great music will kill to have in their record collections…This is an album that if it had been released twenty odd years ago would have been hailed as a future classic, but don’t let the fact that it’s a 2007 release fool you. This is classy AOR as it should be written and played and WILL be in a lot of top tens come the end of the year.” (9/10) - Ian Johnson, AOR Dream Zones

“…a GREAT new CD for you all to check out if you like music in the style of Asia, Kansas, and such…This is an amazing CD that is both fresh and retro at the same time. Check it out!” (9/10) - Jim Goebel, Radio Free Bureaucrash

“…full of killer choruses and guitars. Melodic rock as its best.” (9/10) - Jesús, City of Dreams

“…this CD definitely is as good as most FRONTIERS releases, a really strong AOR/Melodic Rockalbum, diverse enough to keep you interested from start to finish and the 12 included songs will be loved for sure by any fan of the genre!” (8.5/10) - Gabor Fabian, Strutter Magazine

“Lec Zorn is a die-hard fan of 80’s AOR/Rock and it shows on his debut cd…This is one of the best AOR/Rock cds to come out this year. For fans of Journey, Survivor, Stan Bush, and Jeff Paris.”) - Metal Mayhem

“This is what we AOR fans have waited for, a new guy that gives us AOR made from the heart and with high quality.” (4/5) - Juha Harjula,

“I need to admit that I am totally impressed. This CD, it’s sound and the songs are awesome. Best AOR that I´ve heard through the last couple of years. I can really recommend that CD. It is amazing. Everybody who likes Survivor, Journey etc. won’t be disappointed.” - Christoph Hechler,

“…highly recommended for classic 80s AOR lovers.” - Georg Siegl, AOR Heaven

“…this album is essential to anyone who cares about the quality of music, and of true rock ‘n’ roll.” (9/10) - Filling the Void

“The Lec Zorn Project features the very best elements of an era past. This album is so 80s that even some of my LPs from the 80s are jealous…If you like the Vital Signs record, safe to say you’ll appreciate this too…this is a well written and extremely enjoyable release…Welcome to the year 1984.” (90/100) - Andrew J. McNiece,

“…this is a high priority release, too good to be without in the melodic rock and aor family. Lec Zorn has got what it takes to write tunes that stay in your head for some time and I can promise that you will hit the replay button as soon as the CD stops…AOR freaks will go nuts over this album. (8/10)” - Johnny Forslund, AOR Dream Zones

“…die-hard fans of the genre will find a lot of goodies here (simply check out the excellent cover of Kansas’ “Play The Game Tonight”)…This could just as easily have been a Escape or Frontiers release…” - Urban “Wally” Wallstrom, Rock United 

It Began in the Underground the debut album


Appearing live in concert with: 
Chris Sullivan: - 
The Bean Cup; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Saturday, April 5, 2008; 7:00 PM! 
American Idol contestant Kendall Phillips - 
Broad Ripple Art Fair; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Saturday, May 17, 2008; 12:30 PM! 
Cool Creek Summer Concert Series; Carmel, Indiana, USA; Saturday, June 20, 2008; 6:45 PM! 


Welcome to the official web site of the new melodic rock sensation, Lec Zorn! Lec recently released his debut album, It Began in the Underground, to almost unanimously great reviews – see the top of this page! The album is a pure, hard core, uncompromising melodic rock album with absolutely no traces of grunge or alternative music!

The track listing for the album is:

1. Lecoverture

2. Long Time Coming

3. Second Chance

4. Play the Game Tonight

5. Eternal Flame

6. Fighting Chance

7. You Keep Me In The Dark (Complete Song!)

8. Starting All Over Again

9. The Rush of Passion’s Fire

10. Perseverance

11. Going The Distance

12. Second Chance [Alternate Version] 

The album features a dream team of melodic rock talent from around the world! The line-up for the album is:

Lec Zorn - Bass guitar on 1-12, Synthesizer on 1, 2, 5-8, 10, 11
Eli Hludzik (Dakota, Ray’s Music Exchange) – Drums on 1-3, 5-8, 10-12
Mike Walsh (Departure) – Guitar on 1, 2, 5-8, 10, 11; Organ on 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10; Harmony vocals on 2, 5, 7
Tracy White (Intruder, Shotgun Symphony) – Lead and harmony vocals on 2, 5-8, 11
Michael Riesenbeck - Guitar on 4, 9, 12
Eric Ragno (Vox Tempus, Takara) - Synthesizer on 4, 9, 12
Phil Vincent - Lead and harmony vocals on 12; Harmony vocals on 4
Lars Säfsund - Lead and harmony vocals on 4, 9
Ivan Arnold - Drums on 4, 9
Tommy Denander (Prisoner, Sayit, Radioactive, Talk of the Town, Rainmaker) – Guitar and synthesizer on 3
Pierre Wensberg (Prisoner, Sayit) – Lead vocals on 3
Chris Demming (Radioactive, Sweetwater) – Harmony vocals on 3

Produced by Lec Zorn
4, 9, 12 co-produced by Michael Riesenbeck
1, 2, 5-8, 10, 11 mixed by Chris Cassetta
4, 9, 12 mixed by Michael Riesenbeck
3 mixed by Tommy Denander
Engineered by Chris Cassetta, Mike Walsh, Michael Riesenbeck, Eric Ragno, Lars Säfsund, Ivan Arnold, Tommy Denander, Sunday Music, Chris Demming, Phil Vincent

Mastered by Eddy Bopp and Ernst van de Kerkhof at Cloud 9 Studio, Sittard, The Netherlands


IBITU has reached #8 on the AOR Heaven chart!

Six songs from The Lec Zorn Project are featured in the new comedy movie Downhill, now available on DVD!

Now you can use the music of The Lec Zorn Project as the ringtone of your cellular phones! Available are Play the Game Tonight, The Rush of Passion’s Fire and Second Chance!

Second Chance is featured on the brand new sampler from The sampler is titled CD 2 – The Beast Inside and is available for $20, including shipping, anywhere in the world! That’s an outstanding value for this collection of two CDs and 39 songs! Other artists on the album include Soul Sirkus featuring Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo of Journey, Riverdogs featuring Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard and Whitesnake, Gary Moon of Night Ranger, Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses (on Gary Moon’s track), Johnny Edwards of Foreigner (on JK Northup’s track), Mike Tramp of White Lion, Tommy Denander, Johnny Lima and many, many more!


The Lec Zorn Project also has one song each on two other samplers! The sampler CD Melodic Rock is Back Vol. 3 has been released by Munich’s Hardest Hits and features Lec’s hot rocking song You Keep Me in the Dark! Other artists on the CD include melodic rock legends Jim Peterik of Survivor and Henry Lee Summer!

We just recently decided to get back into the undergraduate program at the University of South Carolina. I have been studying up to see if I can beat the average ACT scores in South Carolina.

And Lec’s mid-tempo blues edged rocker Long Time Coming is on the new MHH sampler Melodic Rock is Back Vol. 4! Also featured on Vol. 4 is James Christian, the lead vocalist of House of Lords, on The V-Project’s track!

MHH_MelodicRockIsBack-vol3 volume4

Lec is also featured on the brand new debut album from Dutch melodic rocker Michael Riesenbeck! The album, titled Shouting Silence, features Lec playing synthesizer on the song Heart of Stone. Other guests on the album include Jeff Pilson of Dokken, Tony O’Hora of Praying Mantis and Phil Vincent!

Lec was one of several melodic rockers recently interviewed by Toto Dedication about the legendary Toto. Click here to read Lec’s comments on this one of melodic rock’s most influential bands.

Lec was one of several melodic rockers recently interviewed by Lords of Metal about the problem of illegal downloading. Click here to read Lec’s comments on this very important issue.

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The Constitution of the United States of America - I strongly urge all of your to read and become thoroughly familiar with this brilliant document that sadly is almost completely unknown to most Americans and almost completely ignored by both major parties.

Libertarian Party - And after realizing the way that both major parties have mutilated the Constitution, I strongly urge all of you to join this party, which is attempting to restore it!

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