Contact Lenses – Care Tips

Taking care of your contact lenses is easy but you should follow some simple steps to ensure long-term usage and proper hygiene.

Here are a few basic tips:

1. Always ways your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses.
2. Try and use soap free from oils, lotions, fragrances and perfumes.
3. Dry your hands using a lint-free towel.
4. File your nails and keep your edges blunt.
5. Pick up and place your contact lenses on your finger tips. Never use your fingernails or any sharp objects like a tweezer to pick them up. You might end up tearing or poking a hole in them.
6. Never put a damaged or curly lens in your eyes.
7. Always check properly to ensure that your lenses are debris free before inserting them in your eye.
8. When putting on makeup, first put on all your makeup and then wear your lenses to ensure they remain free from the harmful chemicals and residue of eye makeup.

For good discounts on contact lenses, search online or ask retailers in your area and buy lenses from the vendor that gives you the best offer.