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Construction - Foundations

Chun Wo Foundations Ltd. (Chun Wo Foundations) was established in 1992 to undertake foundation works including piling, large-diameter bored piles, diaphragm wall construction, deep basement construction and ancillary work. The Company started with large-diameter bored piles, driven piling work and diaphragm wall construction. Now, the Company is one of the very few Hong Kong-based foundation companies capable of undertaking all the works that mentioned.

Foundation works are different from other construction trades, where workers normally are directly employed instead of subcontracted. The Company arranges training on safety and environmental issues, and technical knowledge about piling work to our direct workers to ensure work quality. Chun Wo Foundations has about 120 employees including site workers, an in-house design team responsible for designing and constructing of piles and deep basement work, and quantity surveyors to look after the commercial aspects of the projects.

A key difference between Chun Wo Foundations and other foundation companies is that we own a large amount of machinery – more than $100 million worth - which is sufficient for undertaking various foundation works. This includes full sets of machinery for large-diameter bored piles and basement diaphragm wall work. Considering the growing environmental concern and emphasis on green construction technology in recent years, the Company has invested environmental friendly machinery such as a special water treatment system for wastewater treatment before discharging to public drains.