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MTR Contract No. 1002 - Kwun Tong Line Extension: Whampoa Station and Overrun Tunnel

The Whampoa Station consists of an overrun and refuge siding tunnel, and two individual station concourses connected by a platform tunnel in between. It was being constructed under heavy live traffic in highly congested residential and shopping areas of Hung Hom and Whampoa. Pipe pile wall construction for ELS was completed while mix-ground excavation with utility diversion and protection works were progressing in full steam.


The whole station was to be built underground without interfering the traffic flow capacity of the public roads above. Before bulk excavation commenced at the 2 station concourses, multi stages of temporary traffic diversions were required so as to facilitate pipe pile wall construction and temporary traffic deck installation. Despite the existing complicated geological profile and an abandoned Whampoa dry dockyard structure underground, just within a few meters below ground, there was a complicated network of existing utilities, including 400kV high-voltage cables, 1200mm dia twin rising mains, 2100mm / 1050mm storm pipes, Whampoa Garden’s service subway and a 1400mm dia. water mains supplying fresh water to the major parts of Hong Kong Island.


It was a great challenge for the project team to protect, support and maintain these utilities in function during excavation.The overrun and refuge siding tunnel was being constructed by drill-and-split tunneling method using a 2-arm jumbo, progressing around 3 meters per week. A full enclosure reducing 50dB was constructed at the muck-out opening at the rear end of the tunnel, thus enabling tunneling works to be operated 24 hours a day.The platform tunnel in between the 2 station concourses is to be constructed under a mixed ground conduction once the excavation works in both concourses reach the platform levels.



MTR Corporation Limited

Construction Period
May 2011 - Oct 2016

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